Cool Chain Management: we have many years of experience handling temperature-controlled shipments and we are always evolving and looking for ways to improve. We always monitor the temperature of the shipments using the latest technology. Trust us your products and we will make sure it arrives to your customers in great condition.

Quality Inspections: We partnered with QIMA a Global leader for Quality Assurance to certify your products are in good condition before being delivered to your customer or before being shipped to another country so you can avoid claims and problems.

Inventory Management: Either for exporting out of the USA or for distributing products within the USA, you can keep inventories at our facilities. We will handle your orders and keep inventory control on your behalf.

Force Air Cooling: Process where products such as flowers or berries are placed in chill blasters to extract heat and drop down to the right temperature.

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Air Freight

HPL-APOLLO offers reliable air freight services for all your high priority consignments.

Road Transport

HPL Apollo offers efficient refrigerated transportation for the final mile delivery in the USA.

Customs Brokerage

Experts in U.S. Customs Brokerage, our team is trained to the highest standards, exercising full compliance with all customs and regulatory requirements.

Ocean Freight

Our years of experience, partnerships with large shipping companies, and our global network allow us to offer reliable and timely transport solutions in all the world’s oceans.

Cold Storage

HPL-APOLLO offers you different cold storage solutions such as Fresh Storage at 34 F°, Tropical Storage between 45 F° and 55 F° and Frozen Storage at 0 F°.

Cruise Logistics

Our expert team is specialized in developing effective supply chain systems for cruise lines to restock their different services at all stop areas.


HPL-Apollo Sea-Air offers the perfect combination of bottom line and deadline. Up to 80 percent faster than sea freight, yet significantly cheaper than direct air freight, our sea-air solutions are the ideal combination of economy and speed.

Contract Logistics

As your business has specific requirements, we help create concepts to optimize your logistics processes.

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