Colour Republic, the largest grower and importer of flowers from Ecuador, has been a customer of HPL-Apollo’s for 3 years. One of the ways Colour Republic has grown during this time is by using a new technology that allows them to implement more perishable longevity called “wet-pack”. This process, however, requires much more cooler space. HPL-Apollo is supporting Colour Republic’s growth by expanding and providing 10,000 square feet of additional cooler space.
Colour Republic benefits from this added facility in many ways. HPL-Apollo’s customs-bonded facility provides Colour Republic with expedited processing of the imported flowers once they arrive to the warehouse near LAX. The team at HPL-Apollo is flexible and creative, constantly on the lookout for ways to improve processing and speed for its customers while keeping costs down, such as its new automatized box-scanning system.
Ivo Skorin, COO of HPL-Apollo, sees a bright future for the relationship between the two companies. “We are eager to help support Colour Republic’s success with “wet-pack”, and committed to to their growth and expansion.”

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